Label/Executive Producer:  Ululoa Productions     Distributor:  Mountain Apple Company ,Hawaii

Release Date:  October 19, 2010    Producer & Liner Notes:  Laurie Rohrer

Associate Producer, Art, Graphics & Design:  Lori Higgins        Engineering/Mastering:  Jake Rohrer

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Lori Higgins, Higgins Harte International,LLC  Copyright 2010. All rights Reserved

A 17 song compilation from Maui and

Hawai`i Island women who share “their” Hawai`i

in the songs they were inspired to write or perform. 

The impact of each song is magnified as it is interpreted

through the eye of artist Lori Higgins, who presents a tour-de-force

of her signature, Hawai`i - inspired art. You might fall in love

with every one of these women; you will surely fall in love with Hawai`i. 


Music sample:  track 1:

Puka Mai Ka La I Kumukahi (P. Ka`awaloa) Pi`ilani Ka`awaloa: oli, nose flute.


Ahumanu- Joni DeMello  

and Liz Morales

Ayin Adams

Ginni Clemmons

Hula Honeys - Ginger Johnson and

Robyn Kneubuhl

Pi’ilani Ka’awaloa

Kahala Mossman-Smith

Pamela Polland

Laurie Rohrer

Lei’ohu Ryder

Emma Veary

Lori Higgins